Founded in 1998, TATT is the Taiwan centre of OISTAT(International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians). Our mission is to promote the advancement of the knowledge and skills of theatre artists and technicians, and boost the creativity of theatre design and theatre architecture in Taiwan by conducting and encouraging communication of experience domestically and internationally. Our membership consists of professional individuals, organizations and academic staff in theatre and related industries.


   The governing board oversees organization operation. Three TATT commissions are currently at work: Theatre Architecture and Safety Commission, Theatrical certification Commission, and International Exchange Commission. TATT Secretariat administers various TATT projects. Under the stable organization structure, TATT carries out the following missions:


To promote international theatre technology exchange;

To stimulate the research and development for the education and training of theatre technology;

To develop the occupation standard in theatre sector, organize the certification test in theatre stage, lighting and sound technical;

To support publication and information communication of the art of theatre technology;

To advocate the working rights and welfare of theatre technology practitioners;

To conduct other works concerning theatre technology.


With the clear goals and missions, TATT supervises and coordinates Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ) and World Stage Design (WSD) for Taiwan artists. Moreover, TATT has hosted 2017 WSD in Taipei in order to push forward the knowledge of theatre technology internationally. 


TATT continues to organize training workshops, and also publishes professional books on theatre arts and encourages planning and research for future theatre technology. Since 2015, TATT established the Theatre Lighting Technician Certification. With practical actions and keeping its missions in mind, TATT has established the international exchange of knowledge and experiences.